Corporate Information

Name of the Company
Maldive Gas Private Limited

Company Registration Number

Legal Form
A Private Limited Company with limited liability, incorporated as Maldive Gas Private Limited on 3rd October 1999 with shares held by State Trading Organization Plc (STO) and by Champa Gas and Oil Company.

Registered Address
Head Office
#02-21 S.T.O Trade Centre, 2nd Floor
Orchid Magu
Male’, Republic of Maldives

Hotline: +960 333 5614 / 300 5411
Fax: +960 333 5615

Board of Directors
Ahmed Shifan, Chairman
Shazail Siyam, Managing Director
Abdulla Saleem Abdul Sattar, Director
Mariyam Paruveen Abdul Faththah, Director
Aminath Shamrath, Director
Mohamed Eman, Director

Audit & Risk Committee
Aminath Shamrath (Chairperson)
Abdulla Saleem Abdul Sattar
Mohamed Eman

Nomination & Remuneration Committee
Mariyam Paruveen Abdul Faththah (Chairperson)
Abdulla Saleem Abdul Sattar
Aminath Shamrath

Corporate Governance & Compliance Committee
Abdulla Saleem Abdul Sattar (Chairperson)
Mariyam Paruveen Abdul Faththah
Mohamed Eman

Mialani, 2nd Floor, Henveiru
Sosun Magu
Male’, Republic of Maldives

Bank of Maldives
HSBC, Male’
Maldives Islamic Bank, Male’
The Mauritius Commercial Bank Pvt Ltd, Male’

Sales Outlets
Male’ Sales
Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Male’, Republic of Maldives

Hotline: +960 332 5473 / 332 8118 / 332 8338
Fax: +960 331 4797

HulhuMale’ Sales
Main Road
Hulhumale’, Republic of Maldives

Hotline: +960 335 6565
Fax: +960 335 6789

VilliMale’ Sales
Sinai Sarahahdhu
Villingilli, Republic of Maldives

Hotline: +960 3005428

Production & Engineering
Thilafushi Terminal
K. Thilafushi, Republic of Maldives

Hotline: +960 793 5614
Fax: +960 664 0115

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